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Escort services is usually described where companionship is hired for a night of entertainment or for more a night of intimate but non-sexual services, such as massage. For the most part, these services are legal in the U.S. The state legislatures however recognize the reality that escort services are part of the adult entertainment business and pass various measures to control these services and to ensure that they are distinct from prostitution which is illegal everywhere (except strangely some outlying districts of Nevada). The most obvious reason for this is anxiety is over the exploitation of minors. Others are rooted in an intolerance of prostitution in American escorts in Jaipur since the prohibition era and the recognition that it is often a front for other organized criminal activities.

Different approaches are taken by different states. Some use a regulatory approach and attempt to control the activities that take place through indirect means. Utah taxes escort services where they advertise themselves through partial nudity (leaving the obvious loophole of advertising through fully but glamorously dressed females). North Carolina uses zoning laws to establish and maintain boundaries between adult entertainment areas and other 'family' zones. California law requires escort services to have a police license, thus allowing 'unsuitable' businesses to be closed without the necessity of proving criminal charges.

In most cases, the prostitute is arrested and charged. Different states and districts take different views of the customer. There is evidence of inconsistencies in the application of the law, depending on local tolerance of the activities. The owners of escort services may be indicted but only if it can be proved that they 'knowingly' ran the escort agency as a prostitution service.

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